Holy Matrimony is the wonderful sacrament that reaches into the heart of human love and lifts it into the heart of God. In this sacrament, a couple pledge their lives to each other and invite God's gift of children, that their family may be forever graced by God, who is Love itself.

If you would like to get married at Holy Cross or at St Mary's, your first step is to speak to the parish priest and arrange an appointment. Please be aware that at least six months will be needed to complete all the necessary preparations, not least because we will be working to satisfy both the Church's Canon Law and the civil Law of the Land.

Many people in recent years have sought to receive this Sacrament in Catholic churches abroad. If you live in the parish of St John Paul II and wish to receive your preparation for such ceremonies here, you are most welcome to do so - but please make enquiries well in advance as all completed paperwork should be submitted to the Diocese three months in advance of your wedding date, and the Diocese will then forward it to the country where your marriage will take place. Wedding Planners may offer you guidance on preparation for the ceremony - but please check with your parish as their information may not always be fully accurate or complete.

We also meet several couples who have been married in a civil ceremony and now seek a "blessing" (or more precisely "Convalidation") in church. Please be aware that once again, the full six months' preparation time will be required to cover some additional preparatory steps, but we will be more than happy to discuss the process with you.

If you would like to find out more about Marriage in the Catholic Church, go to the links page and click through to "Marriage Care". (The link appear under the heading: "Education and Study")

The organisation "Marriage Care" also exists to support those who may be experiencing difficulties in their relationships, offering counselling and advice.

Weddings in the parish have been suspended for a time but are now able to resume again. Please contact us for details. Thank you.